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Asphalt Paving, St. Petersburg FL

Whether you need a paving service for your parking lot, driveway, or walkway in your home or business, Premier Driveway Paving St. Petersburg is the local asphalt company that you can depend on. Our paving contractors in St. Petersburg, FL and nearby areas are highly capable, reliable, licensed, and experienced in providing you with your asphalt paving and driveway paving needs. We will give you personalized services and deliver them on schedule. 

The Asphalt Installation Process

Asphalt paving involves a complicated process. It is not simply all about trucks depositing the material onto the road. Whether it involves the construction of new asphalt roads or driveways, asphalt paving, asphalt repair, or asphalt resurfacing, paving contractors follow a strategic process to ensure that you achieve the best results.  

Every asphalt paving project is different. But all follow these necessary steps and we adhere to it carefully to ensure your satisfaction

1. Designing

The asphalt company will consider the soil conditions, the terrain, and the loads the pavement will bear. This will include determining the weights and vehicles needed. The appropriate foundation design and materials will also be selected in this stage. Depending on the soil, terrain, and usage of the pavement, the foundation design varies.

2. Planning

This involves the execution of the design. If it were road construction, traffic control measures, the number of crew members and the movement of the equipment are a part of this stage.

3. Clearing

In preparing the property where the asphalt is to be installed, bushes, grasses, and other vegetation will be cleared away. If it were an asphalt resurfacing, the existing layer of asphalt will be removed and then replaced.

4. Grading

The asphalt contractors may need to use heavy equipment to shape the roadbed and create a proper slope for the pavement to drain correctly. They will also use machinery and tools to smooth and level the surface.

5. Foundation

The foundation is an essential part of the subterranean drainage and is made up of a compacted sub-base and base. It will be constructed first and carefully because it is a critical component of the pavement for support, flexibility, and strength.

6. Courses

The asphalt contractors will then test the sub-base to ensure proper grade and compaction. After this, the binder layer will be applied. Then the asphalt course can be applied and compacted. There may be more than one asphalt course depending on what the project requires.

7. Surface layering

The final part is surface layering. This contains smaller aggregate particles than the courses in the middle.

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Our Superior Asphalt Paving Services

At Premier Driveway Paving St. Petersburg, we provide a wide range of high-quality asphalt paving services. We are a trusted asphalt company and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our work. Our experienced, certified, and skilled paving contractors offer the best paving services in St. Petersburg, FL and nearby areas. Our asphalt paving contractors serve homeowners and business owners with most reliable paving services, such as asphalt paving, parking lot paving, asphalt resurfacing, driveway paving, and blacktop paving. Reach out to us for a quote that will not break the bank.

Asphalt Paving

Our asphalt paving service and installation are dependable for your driveways, parking lots, walkways, or roadways. Asphalt is weather-resistant and long-lasting. Choosing this for your driveways will allow you to maximize its advantages. The asphalt material is well-known for its durability, flexibility, reliability, and safety. Also, asphalt paving cost is very affordable. You will surely enjoy the quality of our asphalt paving and parking lot paving services for a long time.

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Blacktop Installation

parking lot paving

If you wish to prefer a blacktop driveway, we can install it for you. Blacktop is a type of asphalt but it is made differently. It has a higher natural stone mix and is heated at a higher temperature too. We will start by examining your yard and drive area for us to determine the appropriate slope needed. Just like asphalt, it can be resealed and repaired. This is perfect for parking lots, pathways, playgrounds, roads, and outdoor basketball courts too.

Driveway Paving

Achieve the curb appeal you wish for your home or business. The driveway paving we offer can make this possible. We can utilize materials like concrete, asphalt, or blacktop, depending on your preference. You can have a decorative concrete driveway, durable asphalt driveway, or a sturdy blacktop driveway. Whichever you prefer, our expert paving contractors can handle it for you. Your business building will surely be appealing to your customers as well as your home’s façade.

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It is paramount that you choose a trustworthy company so you could receive a quality pavement that will last long. Premier Driveway Paving St. Petersburg is the most reliable among the paving companies in your area. From asphalt paving and asphalt resurfacing to driveway paving, we offer the excellent paving services at competitive pricing. Our asphalt paving contractors are very efficient in the asphalt laying work. You will surely have an aesthetically pleasing asphalt pavement that also functions extremely well for a long time. We also provide top-quality asphalt sealing, driveway repair, and driveway resurfacing services.

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We are the paving experts in St. Petersburg, FL. Do not hesitate to get in touch once you decide to try the benefits of asphalt paving or would like to resurface your existing asphalt pavement. We will happily answer your questions and provide you with a free consultation. 

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